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Digital Reality: What Happened When Google Went Down

All over the world, everyone is aware of the influence Google has in the internet world. The truth is that, although there are lots of online search engines that people love to use, they are mostly used as alternatives to the main search engine which is Google. The global reach of Google is simply immeasurable and although some Asian countries do not accept the use of Google, this search engine has turned out to be the soul of the internet and for many websites, the algorithms of Google is what keeps them on their toes.

Yes, every online marketer wants to make sure the websites they promote make it on the best position in Google rankings or nothing else matters and this is what the internet is all about today: SEO especially local search engine marketing. Google has a massive database and has so many departments under its belt and people in these departments work to ensure the smooth running of the search engine. Also, the very best methods of advertising and also content formulation is made available to prevent websites from stealing content from others and portraying them to be their own and soon.

Although some websites or critics tried to downplay the importance of Google where the internet is concerned and where the world of online search is concerned, all these critics have shut up now. Even if they talk do so in silence since Google went down. When Google went down, surfers from all over the world were quite confused. Although there were and still are other online search engines, World Wide traffic dropped to 40% and this was not surprising to those who have always considered Google to be the leaders in this area. Simply put, web browsers are looking for answers and Google provides them. This is why e-businesses depend on Search Engine Optimization.

There are lots of things that help to make Google unique for all businesses and online surfers and this has to do with the way Google algorithm operates. Montgomery, Al SEO Expert Buddy Barnes of Sebuzz, says the systems and methods of Google and the way it provides local search results to searchers make the system one of the best. There is so much that can be said to show how unique Google as a platform for online search is. However, everything became very clear when Google went down.

What Google did was to black out its logo to make people think it was down too. So, what if Google disappeared forever and we had no Google to turn to and to find out all we needed from especially where quality information is concerned. Well, this is one reality we will all not want to be a part of. There is no way our online experience will be the same if Google went down for ever. The reason why Google is loved is because it helps researchers and surfers get the right information needed to make their searches worth the time spent. Since Knowledge is power, what if the power you had was hijacked and then later sold to you or kept away in the dark from you. well, this is why Google is loved because finding information on Google does not cost anything and all information on Google are original content especially with the websites that rank well. Due to Google and its accurate way of providing us with answers, it is very easy to find all the information you need just by sitting behind your computer.

Today, online students and professors have started to understand they can do better with Google search engine on their side. Most people who found Google late regret they did not know about Google sooner. This is why going down of Google will be devastating for us all. There are so many researches that help to give students all over the world the detailed analysis they need to make their life the best. Without the right information, life can be so dreadful. Some of the information we get from Google search engines can never be found in our normal lives and this is what makes the difference all the time. Enjoying Google search engine is what many mostly fail to do. However, this can be easily done without having to worry about any other thing. The next time Google goes down, more than 40% World Wide traffic will drop.


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Questions and Answers

What is digital product ID?Some of my video players wont open properly (yahoo) etc
exsploer pops up saying digital product ID & something about
IP adrress this happensd on I EX so i changed to firefox same

Posted by plugger

adminThe “Digital Product ID” is a # that you cannot lose! Let’s say you bought a program for windows. When you use it or install it, it will ask you for your DPI.You can find this number usually on the case of the software you bought, in the manual, or sometimes on the disc.

If this is not what you bought let me know, there is more help I can give!

Have any idea digital download free product site?

Posted by Santa
adminFree Digital product e Books Software game Downloads online try this site

Technical terms for designing a digital product?What is a house style in terms of designing a website/logo etc.

Posted by Tom
adminDigital product strategyā€¯ is one of them.

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